Stop using actors as political pawns: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has never refused from being vocal about her opinions. An outright feminist, the Quantico actress also mentioned of how she was unhappy with the verdict of the juvenile accused in Nirbhaya rape case. Post that, Priyanka has gone ahead to yet again voice her opinion on the raging topic of the country- ‘Intolerance’.

Priyanka Chopra

The actress came in support of the artists who were backlashed for their ‘intolerance’ comment.

Previously we had seen how super-star Shah Rukh Khan’s intolerance comment had enraged his fans to the extent of Dilwale shows getting cancelled. To this, Bajirao Mastani actress reacted by saying artists should not be put into trouble for sharing their opinions, in an interview given to NDTV.

By making a reference to the ‘intolerance debate’ and how artists tend to get into trouble for saying what they feel, Priyanka expressed her grief over the politicisation of all issues. The interview also sees Priyanka making a plea to the audiences to refrain from affecting the movies of such celebrities in which they act.

The actress further mentioned of how she would think twice before making a comment and would not use actors as political pawns. “This is not the India I grew up in. I will stand by actors and artists. Please stop using actors as political pawns.”