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Arvind Kejriwal’s inquiry into DDCA scam illegal: Delhi LG Najeeb Jung

DELHI: In what seems like a beginning yet another fight between Arvind Kejriwal’s government and Najeeb Jung, the Lieutenant governor has called state’s move to order an independent inquiry into the Delhi cricket body (DDCA) an legally invalid, reports India Today.

Jung Kejriwal

Jung wrote to the Home Ministry saying that the Commission of Inquiry Act, 1952 allows only states and Centre to order a commission of inquiry and Delhi, a union territory can only do so in partnership with Centre.

Kejriwal has reacted saying that he objects to the letter leaked to the media.

कुछ चैनल कह रहे हैं “केजरीवाल का आयोग अवैध”। तो क्या मोदी जी की CBI रेड “वैध”?

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हमें आपकी रेड से डर नहीं लगता,आपको enquiry commission से क्यों डर लगता है मोदी/जेटली जी?जनता जानना चाहती है आप सब DDCA में क्या छुपा रहे हैं

“It is serious if LG office is leaking letter. We are not afraid of CBI, ED, DRI. Why they are afraid of inquiry commission? Poori ki poori Daal hi kaali hai… LG has only control over three subjects – Police, public order and land,” Kejriwal said.

हमने आपकी रेड में सहयोग किया, आप भी enquiry commission में सहयोग कीजिए।

AAP and suspended BJP MP Kirti Azad have alleged that FM Arun Jaitley is involved in corruption in DDCA during his tenure there.

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