PM Narendra Modi walks during national anthem upon his arrival in Moscow

MOSCOW(PTI): In an unusual incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was pulled back by a Russian official as he walked past the guard of honour accorded to him while the Indian national anthem was being played soon after his arrival here today.

Narendra Modi in Moscow

A Russian official nudging Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he walks past a guard of honour even as the Indian national anthem was being played during his arrival at Vnukovo-2 Airport in Moscow on Wednesday.PTI

As the Prime Minister was moving when ‘Jana Gana Mana’ was being played at the guard of honour by a contingent of Russian military, a Russian official gently nudged him to move back. Modi started walking following a gesture by a Russian official when the military band was playing India’s national anthem at the Vnukova II airport.

However, another official stopped Modi from walking following which the Prime Minister stepped back and stood in attention.

As per convention, one should stand in attention when the national anthem is played. The Prime Minister is in Moscow on a two-day visit to hold annual summit talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.