No indication from government on Ram temple: VHP

NEW DELHI(PTI): The VHP on Monday said it had not received any indication from the government on Ram Temple construction, and was of the firm belief that the temple in Ayodhya will come up on the basis of a related legislation in Parliament.


Describing the transport of construction materials including stones into Ayodhya as per certain media report as a “routine exercise” that has gone on for years, VHP said it respected the judicial verdict on the Ram Janmabhoomi issue.

“We have not received any indication from the government on Ram Temple. Saints of Ayodhya and VHP have always maintained that the Parliament, through passage of a law, will pave the way for Ram Temple construction,” VHP international general secretary Champat Rai said in a statement.

The VHP leader added that reports in a section of the media attributing statements to Swamy Nritya Gopal Das of Ayodhya are misleading and concocted.

“Swamy Nritya Gopal Das is a venerated Saint of Ayodhya who respects the law. Stones have been brought into Ayodhya since 1990 and preserved at Ramsevak Dham. A large number of devotees visit Ayodhya and never has there been any law and order situation arisen on this count till today.

“We believe that the Parliament will pave the way for temple construction by passing a law. Saints, VHP and Hindu community have always respected the judiciary and have full faith in it,” Rai said.