Did Shah Rukh Khan ask for ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ to be cut?

Did the team behind Comedy Nights Bachao, which likes to ‘roast’ its star guests, get royally roasted by Shah Rukh Khan?

Shah Rukh Khan

SRK, who has a keen sense of humour and can laugh at himself, though hostess Bharti Singh and her co-host Abhishek Krushna went too far with their potshots. According to a source in the know, “Shah Rukh took the jibes on his chin as he always does. But then they went a little too far. He asked the producers to remove the more offensive parts which they had no choice but to remove.”

A lot of stars who have been on the show have grinned and borne with the insults because that is the format of the show and they’re there to promote their films, so they can’t complain. Now after SRK, will this set a precedent?