PM Modi at DGPs’ conference- All in a day’s work: Yoga, photo ops, session with cops

New Delhi/Bhuj: Prime minister Narendra Modi did yoga, went on a walk to see the rising sun, and attended back-to-back presentations by top police officers here on Saturday in what was described as a very busy day for the Prime Minister.

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The second day of the all-India conference of top police officers, in the tent city of Dhordo in the Rann of Kutch, began with a yoga session at 6 am that lasted for over 30 minutes, led by the PM. Eight yoga instructors from the Art of Living foundation had been invited for the special session.

After it was over, Modi and Union Minister of Home Rajnath Singh, along with some others, went for a 30-minute walk across the salt desert to see the sunrise. Photographs released later showed Modi in several poses, including one where he held out a cupped hand to make it look like he was holding the sun.

Breakfast followed, and then a group photo session at 9 o’clock of Modi with about a hundred police officers. The series of presentations began after 10 am, involving Modi, all the DGPs, inspector generals of police and top officers of intelligence agencies.

At 11 am, a video presentation was made on ‘Radicalisation, its spread and response’. Sources said the presentation, about which officials remained tight-lipped, went on for several hours and dealt with “the rising ISIS” presence in the country.
Officials said the PM “remained busy for the whole day, attending session after session”.

More than 50 officers, mostly from intelligence agencies, however, took a break in the evening, for sight-seeing along with spouses and children around the area and to sites such as Aaina Mahal, the Kutch museum and Bhujodi, a village on the outskirts of Bhuj famous for its handicrafts.

Family members of 32 medal-winning police officers, awarded Friday, were also taken for sight-seeing to Kala Dungar (black mountain),15 km from the tent city.

“This has been a good experience so far. We loved the Rann of Kutch, the sunset and sunrise. But credit should go to the PM, who has made this place pretty famous now,” said an officer.

Later in the day the PM tweeted, “The presentations & sessions were on security related matters, terrorism, cyber security, woman’s safety, disaster management.” In his another tweet he said, “It’s been a fruitful day at DGPs conference in Kutch. Attended various theme based sessions where officers shared insightful presentations.”

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