Kya Kool Hai Hum 3: Why this might be the most disgusting thing from Bollywood ever!

MUMBAI(PTI): It’s time for another adult comedy to hit the screens in a little over a month or so. The film in point? Kya Kool Hai Hum 3. The around three minute trailer has left us confused. What seemed like yet another mad cap comic caper has now turned into a sleaze-fest. The first instalment of the film, despite being high on sexual content, had a nice story and drew in a lot of cheers. But that was years back.

Kya Kool Hai Hum 3

With the new KKHH 3 trailer, we are only left with a few questions. Here they are! We hope the makers are reading this as they’ll be able to answer them…

At a time when sex comedies have become a staple in the industry, it comes as no shock that the makers decided to make another sequel to the film in a matter of few years. Now the equation is clear. KKHH released in 2005 and it took 7 years for Balaji to come up with a sequel. But by the time, the makers actually decided to Kya Super Kool Hai Hum, a series of other sex comedies had hit the floor and they also started working well at the box office. This time, Balaji decided not to waste any more time and quickly came up with the third instalment within a gap of three years! And the trailer is ample proof that filmmaking in India has really hit a new low.

What are they doing?
Tusshar and Aftab, we’re sure are as confused as we are after watching the trailer. The biggest question we have to the scriptwriter is: What were you thinking while you wrote the film? It seems like a mishmash of all the popular adult film franchises that we have been witness to all these years. And another question to Tusshar. You are possibly one of the best comic actors we have today (Read: Golmaal series and Kya Kool series). Why did you even okay such a shoddy script?

From what we have seen, the trailer only gives a hint of what the film will be. And while it’s touted to be India’s first porn-com, we wonder how much of it will actually remain once our respected Censor Chief ji Pahlaj Nihalani pulls out the scissors from his bag.

Nevertheless, a particular section of the audience will find it entertaining and hilarious. Replete with sexual innuendos and double meaning dialogues, KKHH 3 might also travel the same distance like Grand Masti. We won’t be surprised. But we wished the makers didn’t spoil the taste of the Kya Kool series by making such a gibberish, nonsensical film.

Watch the trailer right here: