How Can Singleton escape this Valentine’s Day?

Mumbai,Navjot Sharma: It is that time of the year when boys splash money on expensive gifts and making restaurant reservations and the girls wait to be surprised by their boyfriends with gifts which will stands as a testimony to their fairy tale romance. For all the singles like me who have absolutely no one to team up with on a Valentine’s Day, finds it best to indulge themselves in a lot of calories.  It makes us feel better to increase the calorie intake on such days when we are highly irritated and feel claustrophobic with all the love birds around. It is best to fall in love with yourself and either bake valentine cakes for yourself or maybe order it online. When the world around is exchanging their love for each other, it is time to tell the world that you love yourself more than anyone else.

The best thing would be to settle yourself into the backside shaped divot in your sofa and ignore the world for few hours. Like your own company, play your favourite movie and surely not a rom-com one. Make sure you are fully stacked up with chocolate truffle cake, loads of Ferrero Rochers and mouth-relishing ice-creams to make your mood lighter and a lot happier on a Valentine’s Day. To make it a lot simpler for you can even order Valentine’s Day cakes online and that too at the luxury of your home.


If increasing calories doesn’t help, gang up with your girlfriend and go out for a dinner. It is time to go simply berserk. Either go out clubbing with them or may be a discotheque where you can dance till your legs start hurting or may be sing songs aloud with your friends. After all the party is on not only for the singles but for the love birds too.If nothing suits you, and the world outside is stumbling over each other, it is best to curl up in your own cave (home) and treat yourself with a good novel and maybe a chai latte, coffee or popcorn and enjoy your true comfort.



For all those who have stopped wishing on their fairy tale, it is time to quit playing the sorry love songs and make yourself a little better with one of these ideas which will surely make your Valentine’s day special for all times to come with valentine cakes.