National Herald Case: Rahul Gandhi disrespected nation’s judicial system, says Gadkari

NEW DELHI(PTI): Accusing Rahul Gandhi of disrespecting the country’s judicial system, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday asked Congress to adopt democratic means to oppose the government instead of levelling “false” allegations.

Nitin Gadkari

“Hang us if we are guilty” but don’t level false accusations, the former BJP chief said, coming down heavily on the Congress Vice President for his statement on National Herald case on Wednesday that it is “hundred per cent political vendetta coming out of PMO”. “By saying that the court’s order was under pressure from the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi has disrespected the judicial system of the country,” Gadkari said addressing forum organised by a newspaper.

He said, “This is court’s decision and neither Prime Minister’s office nor our government has said anything to court about the order. We don’t have any connection with it.
We respect the judicial system. When there are cases in court, there are orders.” Congress is liable to answer as to how property taken from government and bringing it to a company and then becoming owners was justifiable, he said, adding they are free to knock the door of higher courts if they feel injustice has been meted out to them.

“Rs 90 crore was in Congress party’s fund. This fund came in donation. There is no tax on it. They gave the fund to the Trust. Trust fund was given to company. The space of National Herald which was to run a newspaper was given on rent. Plots were acquired in the whole country. Property worth Rs 2,000 crore was owned by giving the party’s fund of Rs 90 crore.

“Thirty-six per cent share in it is of Rahul Gandhi and 36 per cent of Sonia Gandhi… The property taken from government and bringing it to a company and then becoming its owner… Congress should reply to it,” Gadkari said.
Asserting that BJP has no connection to this case, Gadkari said it is ridiculous that the Congress was falsely accusing it.

“We don’t have any connection to the case. We didn’t do it and you accuse us. When court gives you notice, you accuse us…. If you feel there has been injustice then appeal in the High Court…, if not in High Court then Supreme Court,” he said, adding the Congress has stooped to the level that bills are being torn in the House.