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Now comment on Facebook posts even when you are offline

Christmas is 15 days away but looks it’s already raining gifts for Internet users. With Google Maps introducing its offline mode last month, Facebook is now rolling out offline features to improve users’ experience by overcoming any network fluctuations.

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Thanks to their novel move, you can now comment on posts even when you are offline. So next time you are worried about missing out on commenting on a post due to your poor network connectivity, just type in your comment and it will get posted automatically once your connection resumes.

And there’s more. If you are on a slow connection, News Feed will first fetch older posts from the last time it had downloaded posts for you and then load any fresh content. And to streamline it further, Facebook will only display posts t you haven’t scrolled through earlier so that you can begin exactly where you left.

The company is also aiming to keep your News Feed updated throughout the day by mining out stories while you are online. But this comes with a glitch. While this new feature might spur an excitement in you, it will at the cost of a higher bandwidth and battery consumption.

In October, Facebook updated its app to detect slow connections and bring you the unread posts from the device memory. Also the video ads were displayed in a slideshow format that catered 2G speeds.

Facebook seems to have added a lot to its basket for now but is yet to confirm when the features would go worldwide and whether they would be restricted to the Android app only.Till then, its users definitely have something to look forward to.

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