Valid TDR not received in 5 months, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu ji have you the reply?

Guwahati, Main Uddin: Indian Railway may be the largest and busiest department under union Government. Recently I have seen a few news (may be paid or genuine) that Railway minister (Suresh Prabhu) responds digitally and offers help to needy passengers. I have said “may be paid” because I had reported a valid TDR (train diverted and not touching boarding station) to IRCTC, Railway Ministry as well as PMO and Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji too, 4 months ago but still I have not got a solution.

My case:

I had bought a Railwae-ticket bearing PNR No: 6744225605 from an agent, unfortunately thetrain diverted and not touching boarding station on that very day. I had failed the journey and the money has not still got back from the agent as he said that the TDR has filed, money has not refunded till but why as it has passed 90+ days? Train had not come boarding station, is it our fault?

 ticket rr

Journey Details:

PNR No: 6744225605

Date of Journey: 29 July/2015

Boarding station: Ambika Kalna (ABKA)

Train no- 15959

I had shared my fate in social media too with tagging top of the ministries as well. such –

I had bought a railway e-ticket bearing PNR No: 6744225605 from an agent, unfortunately the train diverted and train not…

Posted by Main Uddin on Saturday, 31 October 2015

Result of diverting:

I had failed to do my journey to return my home and I had travel nearest Airport (60 KM) and had to buy tickets with 3 times more as train fare. Even my TDR money has not refunded till.

 TDR file

Contact ministry/ personnels:

I had reported the train diverted issue on the very day of my journey to my agent and he had filed TDR (bellow image).

TDR file

After 1 month passed, I have contact the PM Modi ji (Image above)

Registration No- PMOPG/E/2015/0123856

 Grievance Status

After another 1 month I had again contact the PMO (Prime Minister Office) (image bellow)

Registration No- PMOPG/E/2015/0141032

Grievance Status 2

After 4 months, I have contacted NFR head office Maligaon and they give 3 phone numbers(bellow numbers)

1st line- +91-8761050966

2nd line- +91-8761050968

3rd line- +91-361-2676064

Unfortunately, no one accept the calls above mentioned numbers except +91-8761050968 but the official told that he is in official leave.

My view:

What kind of Digital India Mission is running by the Prime Minister Modi ji and how much careful your railway minister Suresh Prabhu ji?

We are lower middle class people; spending Rs 20000 is a big issue for us for a return journey where it is possible Rs 4000+ . I had gone Burdwan for my surgical operation and I had returned from there via flight via Kolkata.

My question to all common passengers and concern citizens of India – Railway department fails to offer service to common passengers but pains (financial and technical) have to bear by the passengers. Is this the sample of DIGITAL INDIA MISSION? Why the media is not reporting these type pains of passengers?

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