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Adult star Sunny Leone says she wouldn’t be here if India was intolerant

Everyone who’s anyone, has had their say about the intolerance debate, and it was only a matter of time before someone asked Sunny Leone. When the people at Pinkvilla.com, asked her the question, Sunny, who’s from Canada said: “I think the word (intolerance) is interesting to be used. As far as myself goes, I love India and it is a great place to be. Had it not been safe, I wouldn’t have been here.”

Sunny Leone

When asked about Aamir Khan’s quote she said: “Sometimes people’s words get twisted and used in the wrong way to benefit traffic to their website. That happens with me on a daily basis (laughs). So that’s all I have to say about it.” (Read: Thank you Sunny Leone, for promoting condom use and safe sex)

The actress, who is also the brand ambassador of ManForce Condoms, has earlier spoken about the importance of using condoms, and why it is a better contraceptive than oral pills. She was quoted by a leading daily as saying, “I am promoting safe sex and unwanted pregnancies. If a family isn’t ready to have a baby, it’s a good method of contraception as it doesn’t affect a woman’s health, as compared to birth control pills, which affect a woman’s body, mind and hormones. I don’t see it as a bad thing.”

She isn’t wrong, condoms are the best bet against HIV/AIDS. While they’ve been around for 400 years, they mainly gained popularity in the 1930s. When used properly, condoms have a 97% success rate in preventing pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and unlike other birth control methods like oral pills, they don’t have any side-effects like hormonal imbalance or weight gain.

Sunny Leone v/s ‘Indian Culture’

In an industry that frequently caters to people’s sexual desires and monetises it, Sunny Leone stands alone among actors who speak up about safe sex. The only other Bollywood actor to endorse a condom is Ranveer Singh. Given how most actresses rush to reject feminism and pretend sex doesn’t exist, Sunny is a breath of fresh air.

She has often borne the brunt of the moral brigade, who are quick to blame her for everything— from the rise in rape cases to promoting vulgarity.

A few months ago, CPI leader Atul Anjan spoke about the horror he felt while watching her porn films and how it made him want to throw up. He then went on to talk about her ManForce condom ads and how they promoted sexuality and ruined people’s sensibilities. Earlier, Sri Ram Sene leader Pramod Muthalik had claimed that she should be deported because her porn movies were apparently responsible for promoting rapes, kidnapping and murder in society.

She may not have intended to, but Sunny Leone has inadvertently become synonymous with safe sex, condom usage and sexual freedom. And that is always a good thing.

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