Not easy to get Akshay Kumar on board for new projects: Nikhil Advani

They have collaborated on three projects but director-producer Nikhil Advani says getting actor friend Akshay Kumar on board for a film is not an easy task.

Not easy to get Akshay Kumar on board for new projects: Nikhil Advani

Nikhil has worked with Akshay in his directorial ventures Chandni Chowk to China and Patiala House, and his upcoming production Airlift. “Nothing is easy in this industry. We are good friends. It’s okay, but that alone doesn’t work. Akshay is known for his comedy and action films. This film (Airlift) doesn’t have these things, it has drama. There is brand new Akshay Kumar (in the film),” Nikhil said.

The 44-year-old director revealed at first he did not offer Airlift to Akshay as he thought the Baby actor would not like the concept. “I was talking to him for some other film and just spoke to him in general about this idea (Airlift). He was like why I am not talking about it. I felt he would not do it. But he liked it. He likes good scripts,” he said.

Airlift is about Ranjit Katyal (played by Akshay Kumar), a wealthy and powerful Indian businessman based in Kuwait, who with the help of the Indian government safely evacuated 170,000 Indians back to their country. While researching for the film, Nikhil said, “I read the two articles… We tried to get more information. We met those people, who became victims of the situation. We also met pilots, who were part of evacuation process.”

The Kal Ho Na Ho director said he did not think it was a risk to produce the movie as he likes to be associated with good stories. Nikhil, however, felt it was not right for him to direct the film. Airlift has been directed by Raja Menon. “He is a very competent director. He’s very passionate about the story. It would be unfair on my part to just direct the film. I don’t just want to be a director. I want to produce good films as well.”

Airlift also stars Nimrat Kaur in the lead role and is set to release January 22, 2016.