Myntra Ad: Radhika Apte addresses bias against pregnant working women in the corporate world

Mumbai: Radhika Apte has time and again proved her mettle as a talented actress. Her ability to take tough decisions, though not in line with norms actresses usually follow, is inspirational.

Radhika Apte

In Myntra’s latest ad in the ‘Bold is beautiful’ series, Apte plays the role of a talented pregnant woman who is denied promotion by her senior on account of her pregnancy. Most working women tend to take a sabbatical from work after giving birth to take care of their baby in the first months. The ad is a revelation in how it shows expecting working mothers as competent in handle both work and home. The advertisement brilliantly highlights the prejudice women face in companies.

Watch the ad:

Under the banner, ‘Bold is beautiful’, Myntra had previously come out with other ads on the taboos urban Indian women face, including one on homosexuality which went viral.

Their first add tackled the prejudices single mothers had to deal with.

Like the others, this one too will strike a chord with a lot of women across the country.