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Obama and Cameron discuss UK air strike against ISIS

Washington DC: US President Barack Obama has discussed recent UK Parliament vote that authorised airstrikes against Islamic State militant group’s targets in Syria with British Prime Minister David Cameron, the White House has said.

Barack Obama United States of America (USA)

“Obama welcomed the outcome of the vote and expressed his appreciation that British air forces have joined with ours and those of other Coalition members in striking Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria as well as in Iraq,” a statement by the White House said on Friday.

Obama and Cameron discussed further steps that can be taken to degrade and destroy ISIS, and reiterated that all countries are welcome to join the existing Coalition, if their political and military objectives in Syria are consistent with those of the Coalition, it said.

“They also discussed ways to further bolster our already robust counter terrorism cooperation, and the President, on behalf of the American people and accepted the Prime Minister’s (Cameron) condolences for the loss of life in the San Bernardino shootings this week,” the statement said.

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