Paris Climate Change Summit: PM Modi meets Obama, says protecting planet top priority

Paris: Prime Minister Narendra Modi met his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif at COP 21in Paris on Monday.

The two leaders exchanged pleasentries.

Modi along with nearly 150 world leaders world leaders are here to attend the opening of the climate summit with a central aim of the new agreement to keep global warming below 2 C over pre-industrial temperatures.

More interactions with world leaders…President Zuma & PM @narendramodi talk on sidelines of @COP21. @SAPresident

PM is all slated to speak today.

In a blunt warning to rich nations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday told developed countries which powered their way to prosperity on fossil fuels that it would be “morally wrong” if they shift the burden of reducing emissions on developing countries like India.

“The principle of common but differentiated responsibilities should be the bedrock of our collective enterprise. Anything else would be morally wrong,” he wrote in the Opinion section of today’s ‘Financial Times’.

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Modi, in his meeting with Obama, also appreciated the openness with which the US President addresses issues with him and said it will help in developing a better understanding.

“India will fulfil expectations from it and its responsibilities…the country is working to take forward development and (protecting) environment together,” Modi said at a joint press event with Obama.
The Prime Minister also mentioned India’s ambitious target of producing 175 GW of renewable energy.

Prime Minister’s comments came in the backdrop of India’s strong resentment to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement that India would be a “challenge” at the climate conference. Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar described the comments as “unwarranted”.

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PM Modi has met Obama on the sidelines of the climate summit.

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Putin in his short statement lays emphasis on the steps taken by Russia to control emission going beyond their pledge during Kyoto Protocol. Putin says that Russia from 1991-2012, has taken a lead role in decreasing energy intensity.

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Angela Merkel says that this summit conference shows that the world is more powerful than the terrrorists. Merkel says that the Paris deal must be comprehensive, ambitious, fair and binding. He says that the developed countries must live upto their promise to help the developing nations to help in meeting climate goals. “Billions of people are pinning their hopes on what we achieve here in Paris”, says Merkel.

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Xi Jinping says that it is important to keep in mind different country’s level of development and ability to reduce emission. He says climate change shouldn’t impair countries ability to develop. He says climate change goals will feature prominently on China’s next 5 year plan.

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Obama says that there is no doubt that next generation is watching what is done in Paris. He urges world leaders to rise above short term gains and goals . He says, ” “If we act here, if we act now, if we place our short term interests over air our young people will breathe…. we won’t be too late for them.”

Obama is optimistic about Paris conference although he says that present generation may not live long enough to see the benefits of what is achieved in COP21.

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US President Barack Obama is now speaking. He says that we are the first generation who feel climate change and the last generation who can do anything about it.

He says that the world needs to fight cynicism that nothing can be done against climate change.

Obama says, ” The growing threat of climate change could define the countours of this century more than any other issue”. He says, “14 of the 15 warmest years on record have occurred since the year 2000. 2015 is on pace to be the warmest year of all times’. Obama says the worst affected will be countries who have done little to contribute to climate change. Obama says US will do contribute to a least developed countries fund.

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PM Modi meeting world leaders

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Prince Charles too addressed the conference.

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UN General Secretary Ban-ki Moon addresses the conference. He says that time for brinkmanship is over.

Moon says, “We have never faced such a test. A political momentum like this may not come again. But neither have we encountered such a great opportunity.”

Ban urges negotiators to seek a path of compromise and hopes that Paris becomes a decisive turning point.

Earlier French President Hollande said that future of the planet is at stake.

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