Dead body of minor found in a tank


Kolkata, February 6, Rimo Bose: Dead body of a 9 year aged boy was retrieved from the tank at Sales tax office building at Beleghata, Sunday morning.  It has been accounted by the police that Sumit Sau often visits the compound for playing and it might have happened that while looking for the ball his leg might have stumbled and he fell inside the basin.

The police was informed when on Saturday night the demised kid didn’t return back home, that resulted in frantic search of the parents and neighbors for the kid but it turned out to be futile as the police rescued the dead body from a tank.

It is being reported that the inhabitants of the area made the police aware that they have noticed a body of a child in the basin. Police from Entally police branch have visited and found the dead body and have sent it for postmortem and are awaiting the report apparently no external damage is being found.