Britain’s confirmation on Blue star operation

operation blue star

London, February 6, Rimo Bose: Today it has been acknowledged by Britain that it has inspirited the operation Blue star to ambush the radicals who were residing inside Golden Temple, year 1984 June. UK even mentioned that there was a difference in the real action with that of what was advised by the British advisor.

The Secretary of the cabinet reported that the advice that was given to the Indian Government under Margaret Thatcher then the PM of UK was limited and advisory. It even made it clear that the fatal incident that took place had not much to with UK. The incident and the defense supplies have no relation with that of the administrative advice given to India.

It is also being enquired of the involvement of the present authority of UK Government under David Cameron and that he is exempted of it or not. The answer is likely to be YES.  Jeremy Heywood secretary of cabinet  mentioned that the recommendation to take the operation with minimum life loss was abandoned by the Indian Government even the advice of using force should be done in the do or die situation was also disdained during the real course of action.

The Indian Government acknowledged that the UK authority has made them aware of their investigation. Although Cameron has always tried to establish a good rapport with Indian government but this issue is of serious disturbance.