Raspberry Pi Zero is a computer smaller than your business card, at just $5

Raspberry Pi has released a line of stellar hardware over the years. From the larger computer chips they began prototyping in 2006, they’ve since managed to build the more Apple TV-sized Raspberry Pi available today.

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For those of you uninitiated, the Raspberry Pi, in all it’s versions on sale today, is a programmable mini computer, basically a chip about the size of your palm. They’re shipped with I/O ports like USB 3.0, HDMI, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. They’re also shipped as blank slates, so you can load configure them any way you want. Want an unobtrusive desktop for your home? Program the Pi as a fully functioning desktop, and hide it behind a corner of your monitor. Need more storage options? build it as a wireless storage unit instead; hook it up to a storage drive, sync it to your WiFi and boom, you’ve got wireless storage in your home. And all of that for around US $25 – $30. So how do you top that? Why, by making it smaller of course.

Enter the Raspberry Pi Zero. It’s a fully functioning Pi, featuring a Broadcom BCM2835 chip processor with a ARM11 core upclocked to 1GHz and 512MB RAM. It has an HDMI out, SD card reader, twin micro USB ports and a general purpose I/O pin. And all of that packed into a tiny 65x30x5mm body. Yeah, that’s smaller than a standard business card. Oh, and did we mention Raspberry Pi is selling this device for a paltry US $5?

In a video on the company’s website, Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton talked about how the device came about as a way to remove the cost barrier for people who want to try coding. And what better way to do that than by selling a configurable mini computer for about the price of a movie ticket? (Seriously, an afternoon show for Spectre right nowis about Rs 300). And the Raspberry Pi hasn’t sacrificed performance either. Apparently it’s capable of running Minecraft. And it’s smaller than the actual blocks in-game. The Raspberry Pi Zero is available in the US and the UK statring today, you can find a link to buy it here.

And it’s probably worthwhile checking the video below. Watch to the end and Upton has a tiny surprise for you.