After four days CM finally comes to the protest ground

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi, February 6, Rimo Bose: Delhi’s CM who has always gone out in the streets to protest against the corruption prevailing in the country has finally turned up at the Jantar Mantar on Monday afternoon. The protesters of North-eastern have made the CM realize the bitter side of his own tactics. The attack on Nido Taniam is regarded to be a racial discrimination issue, for which it has been already four days of protest.

Binalakshmi Nepram, one of the activists, showed anxiety asking the CM why has he come after four days? Nepram even asked the protesters that do they expect him to be with from the very first day, and the answer was a yes in chorus. Although Kejriwal has always been winning mass power but this time the situation was not a conventional one. The CM was made to give a response to the question of his delayed arrival. The students even made Kejriwal aware that they would knock the doors of parliament on the coming Thursday.

Nepram also highlighted the discrimination made in armed force act that treats the north-easterners as terrorists or militants.  Even the Duyu Tabio student leader expressed his anger saying that the politicians whether Rahul Gandhi or the Delhi’s CM should not politicize the death and crime against Nido he also the gathering saying that they can be the next victim.

On facing interrogation Kejriwal promised to go on a magisterial probe and that history of Northeast will be taught in schools and that a committee will be established to secure protection for the student and to make sure that this type of incident is not repeated and to make them feel an integral section of India.