Chennai: 50 mm rain in 60 minutes on Monday causes havoc in the city

New Delhi: Monday morning was sunny for Chennai but post 2 pm the rains slowly started to trickle in. Between 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, the torrential downpours brought the city to a grinding halt.

Distances that would otherwise take just 30 minutes to travel took nearly two hours and more because of waterlogging and bumper-to-bumper traffic. According to The New Indian Express the rain gauge recorded hardly 10 mm until 4:30 pm (from 8:30 am on Monday morning). But around 4 pm the rain started to intensify. By 4:30 pm visibility was also poor for motorists. The rain gauge recorded a total of 97 mm of at Meenambakkam and 92 mm in Nungambakkam by 8:30 pm.

On Tuesday, all schools and colleges are shut again as more rainfall is expected. Reportedly, some offices are also closed. Residents in the city took to social media to speak about their ordeal and tell others to stay safe and sit at home.

There is extensive waterlogging in the city and with people already reeling post the heavy rains last week, Monday’s rains added to their woes. A lot of people also posted pictures of the traffic jams and waterlogging across areas.

RT Velachery at 7.00 am today. Please stick to the median while driving. @ChennaiRains @chennaiweather #ChennaiRains

— Hari prabhakaran (@hariadmk) November 24, 2015

After yesterday’s nightmarish drive back home, thinking twice to step out today! Need some mental and physical recovery time! #chennairains

— Pallavi (@palsee) November 24, 2015

Please avoid T.Nagar altogether. Every street/road is knee deep in water. #chennairains

— ChennaiKaari (@pepsiwithastraw) November 24, 2015

Chennaites, Stay indoors & be safe. Watch out for those infectious diseases. Be a couch potato or catch upon reading books #ChennaiRains ☔

— Lionheart (@PremVetrivel) November 24, 2015

chennairains . Be Safe people. Worst Traffic last night. Almost took 3 and half hours to reach T.nagar from Porur. #chennaitraffic

— RANJITH (@Ranjith_Higgs) November 24, 2015

One of the worst ever traffic jam in Chennai 🙁 #MountRoad #chennairains

— Hari Kaalicharan (@HariKaali1) November 24, 2015

If you have to reach airport from Anywhere in the city, plan 45 mins 4 just from Kathi Para to airport..inching on GST road. #chennairains

— Riyaz Ahmed (@ak_riyaz) November 24, 2015

Mount Road yest eveng. Heavy traffic jam all over city yesterday..#chennairains @ChennaiRains #chennai

— raj.r (@Chennaiblog) November 24, 2015