This 16-year-old from Kandivali caught Microsoft’s attention with his app

Mumbai, (iamin):Microsoft’s DreamSpark programme supports and sponsors promising students by providing them with a professional exposure.

Umang Raghuvanshi

Error -104 found.  What does one do when one comes across such a link? The only option is to go back and search for a fresh link which will drive us to our required content. However, with the application ‘Statusify’, the users will now be able to report the problem to the makers of the site and also get a solution to it. This appby Kandivali-based 16-year-old Umang Raghuvansh has bagged a place inMicrosoft developer’s network. Not only has he received cloud computing but is also allowed to run his software on Microsoft servers, value of which easily crosses over Rs.1 lakh.


Studying in Std XI of Thakur Vidya Mandir High School and Junior College, Kandivli (E), this brilliant young man says that his app has the capacity to aid with most of the queries on website-related issues. “It aims to solve the issues of customers not being in the loop. The application plans to end customer confusion and make downtime transparent,” he said.

Umang stumbled upon this idea when he faced problems while writing his own blog. “I had to switch my host provider many times while operating my blog. I realised that if I face so many problems online, others would be facing them too. Thus, I thought of creating a solution for this.” Statusify tracks the various web application status of different portals. It helps one understand whether a particular website or application is currently under maintenance and also when it was last updated. It can also run in a device without an internet connection.

The Statusify app

Microsoft’s DreamSpark programme supports and sponsors promising students by providing them with a professional exposure. “Microsoft provides me with the necessary resources and I also get to learn from the best developers across the globe,” said Umang.

Meanwhile, for Umang’s father Navin Raghuvanshi, it is a moment of great pride. “As a parent, providing for all his needs and watching him succeed in his career is an achievement for us too. As far as his future is concerned, supporting him and providing guidance is essential.”

Umang expressed that this is not his only attempt at making apps. “I have taken many shots at making other applications. I have partially completed making ‘Cryptchat’, an application through which journalists or other people would be able to communicate and share information without government intervention.”

When asked about his future plans, Umang said: “After a degree in Computer Science, I would like to continue with my own start-ups in the future. There, I can work at my own pace and apply my own creative ideas.”

Statusify is likely to be available in the market by the end of November.