We need to delink religion from terror: PM Modi in Malaysia

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi addressed the diaspora at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre. Here are key points from PM Narendra Modi’s speech to the Indian community at Malaysia.

PM Modi in Malaysia MEA Twitter

PM Modi in Malaysia Photo courtesy: MEA Twitter handle

-He praised the Indian community at Malaysia and acknowledged their contribution. Tamil people have a big role in India’s path of development, Modi added.

-Thousands of your forefathers came forward to join Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Indian National Army

-I am reminded of the words of Thiruvalluvar: Friendship is not just a smile on face. Its what is felt deep within a smiling heart. India’s connection with its diaspora Malaysia.

-Here in Kuala Lumpur, we will name our cultural centre after Netaji Subhas Chandra.

-We will instal bust of Mahatma Gandhi at the Gandhi memorial hall.

-India is not just united but also draws strength from its diversity.

PM Modi on trade

-We produce doctors & engineers which serve the World and we are making products that are entering global market.

-We are facilitating business & creating a national digital infra that allows ideas, business and innovation to flow freely on cyber space

-India is today the fastest growing major economy in the world, I know you feel proud of it.

-We are committed to giving people the fruits of a modern economy.

-There is change in the way the government is working, we are making government transparent and accountable.

-We are running at 7.5% per year, but we will grow even faster in coming years.

-South-East Asia is our neighbor on land and sea, this is most dynamic and peaceful region of World.

-We have strong partnership with ASEAN, this is the region where our economic relations are growing rapidly.

-Happy to say that Malaysia is one of our strongest partners and among our closest friends in the region.

-Malaysia is one of the largest trading partner of India in ASEAN but we need to take it further.

PM Modi on terrorism

-Terrorism is biggest threat to world today, it knows no boundary, it uses the name of religion to draw people to its cause. The world must come together to combat the biggest challenge of our times (terrorism).

-When I say world must come together it’s not just about security cooperation, but also ensuring that no country uses or promotes terrorism.

-We have to delink religion from terror. Only distinction is between those who believe in humanity and those who don’t.

-I want to thank Malaysian government for our strong security cooperation.

PM Modi on India-Malaysia defence ties

-We have strong defence relations. The Indian Air Force helped train their partners in Malaysian Air Force for two years.

-We exercise together in air and on land and sea. Our security agencies work together against terrorism.

PM Modi on India’s initiative for Indian diaspora in Malaysia

-We have merged the OCI and PIO cards and have made the visas life long. Besides Indian origin upto fourth generation is enough to register for OCI now. Minor children who are foreign nationals and foreign spouses can also get OCI status now.

-We have to promote peaceful relation, mutual understanding and cooperation in our region

PM’s message to the youth

-PM Narendra Modi announces a grant of $1 million to the India-students Trust Fund for financial assistance to Malay-Indian students

-Dr Kalam said, my message especially to young people is, have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to discover impossible