Congress requests PM Modi to cooperate with Bihar govt in ‘spirit of federalism’

Patna(PTI): As the new Bihar government was sworn in, Congress on Friday made a strong plea to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to cooperate with it in the “spirit of federalism” to make the state “growth engine for India”. The AICC also dismissed suggestions that the inclusion of two sons of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad in the Nitish Kumar ministry showed that the politics of dynasty has set in.

Narendra Modi

“We would humbly request the Prime Minister to assist and cooperate with the government of Bihar in the spirit of federalism and respect the ‘Will of the People'”, party spokesman Meem Afzal told reporters, adding “we can together make Bihar growth engine for India”.

Congratulating the new Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his Council of Ministers on taking oath on Friday, Afzal said that whatever has been promised in the Common Programme in Bihar, “we will do all efforts to deliver it on ground”.

“Congress will work in conjunction and use its experience in governance to fully support Nitish Kumar’s endeavors to take Bihar on the path of progress and development,” he said.

Insisting that Bihar’s mandate is a watershed event in today’s polity, he said that from now onwards the political discourse in the country will change its direction. He said the electoral verdict in Bihar is an “absolute referendum on the Modi government and BJP’s so called model of governance.”

Dismissing suggestions that the inclusion of two sons of Lalu Prasad showed that the politics of dynasty has set in Bihar, he said that the two have won the elections and the RJD is an important part of the ruling alliance.