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Google Maps offline navigation now available for Android in India

Google Maps Offline Navigation has finally made its way to India, a week after the company announced they were gradually rolling out the new feature.

While you could earlier manually browse the area of a map even without a internet connection, the latest update, 9.17.1, adds offline turn-by-turn navigation as well. It also estimates the time it’ll take you, based on average recorded traffic on that route instead of real-time.

Google had announced the new features earlier at Google I/O, stating that they were aiming to make their navigation app more efficient for users in emerging markets where data services can be patchy and charges expensive. With the update, you can choose to save a section of the map while connected to WiFi and, if your data connection sputters or fails while you’re on the move, offline maps automatically kicks in. And it’s not just offline search and navigation, but points of interest within your saved map show the customary operational hours, contact details, and reviews as well.

Android users can check out the update and all it brings right now, but iOS users will have to wait a bit before they can try out Offline Maps.

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