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Indilens Aims to Cover Whole India and Indians Needs

Guwahati- 26 Jan, Sultan Mustafijul Hoque : Indilens is a newest project from Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited, currently focusing on News Reporting by covering every corner of India. We have reporters from all the states of India to give most real-time and faster news coverage to our readers. This project idea belongs to Main Uddin and he has collected a well established team all over India. As per the idea, there will be two more business extensions to this news portal in the near future as Shopping and Job, which will be needed surprise for our readers interior nation.

Indilens Aims to Cover Whole India and Indians Needs
Indilens Aims to Cover Whole India and Indians Needs

Indilens Aims:

After several times long discussions and enhancements to the basic idea, we started the hunt to recruit news reporters, at last 2 from each state of the country and our hunt is still running. After publishing advertisements on different portal and blogs, we started to get very good responses from almost all regions of India. We got hundreds of resumes from all category (educational) people. From all these, we shortlisted 105 resumes and finally chose 62 reporters for the trainee period. Thus, after two months from the first board meeting, finally we are launching this new extension to news world as portal is titled “Indilens” today on 00.00 hours of the 26th January, 2014. We are starting our journey on this 65th Indian Republic Day, with a resolution to speak “by the common people, of the common people and for the common people” of the Republic of India. We are not fully impartial in case of news because we always stands for common people.

How Indilens differs from other news portals?

There are so many existing news portals, so you may ask why Indilens and how it differs from all others? Our answer will be so simple that, though we have so many news portals already, but no one covers the entire country. Therefore, Indilens goes a step ahead to cover all the regions of India. Apart from this, we are recruiting more than 100 reporters across the country and most of them are freshers. Thus, though it is very less numbers, but we are still giving few jobs with lots of possibilities to the jobless young generation to make a better live.


  1. congratulations on the launch, and good luck for your venture