Aishwarya-Madhuri’s ‘Dola Re’ is much better than Deepika and Priyanka’s ‘Pinga’

Mumbai,Nayandeep Rakshit: Sanjay Leela Bhansali creates magic on screen visually, with the elements he uses in most of his films. From huge backdrops to lavish sets, hordes of dancers to the carefully picked up attire that spells grandeur, SLB’s films have all that and more. And in Bajirao Mastani, one of the most anticipated songs definitely has to be the Deepika Padukone-Priyanka Chopra jugalbandi that had set temperatures pulsating right from the word go. While the video song was launched on Sunday, one thing is for sure. We were left disappointed, craving for better!

Deepika and Priyanka from Pinga

DP and PC’s face off was considered a standout song in the film, much like Dola Re from Devdas, featuring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit. Rightly so. It has almost the same ingredients as a Dola Re – two powerful heroines, an aamne-samne ka takkar, colourful canvas, lavish sets, et al!

Watch the song right here.

Although it has been compared to the Dola Re number, Pinga has fallen short by miles. Here’s why!

Dull setting!

There was more colour, more vigour, more grandeur in the way Bhansali captured the essence of the face-off back in 2002. Thirteen years later, when the director tried to recreate his masterpiece, he’s failed and how! From the word go, the setting of the song is extremely dull. With nothing much to offer, except Deepika and Priyanka’s pretty faces, this song’s a downer!

A waste of talent!

Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan are legends when it comes to dancing. So is Saroj Khan. Competing with these stalwarts is not impossible but an extremely difficult task. But when you have talented artists who are well trained dancers too, like Deepika and Priyanka, you do expect fireworks. Pinga fails to evoke that cheer, that whistle and that’s where it fails. Despite having two of the best actresses and possibly two of the best dancers in the business, Sanjay along with choreographer Remo D’Souza fails to capitalize and rather sticks to the basics, putting up a rather bland show!

Doesn’t match up to the hype

It was just in the planning process that Pinga started making waves in the media. Months before it was canned, Deepika-Priyanka’s ‘take on Ash’Madhuri’s Dola Re’ (so it was called!) had become the talking point in the industry. Now that the song has been unveiled, it has left us disappointed. The song would have rather been more loved had the hype around it been a little less. Given that the team had already promised to raise the bar and therefore upped everyone’s expectations from the song, audiences were waiting for a grand spectacle. And it definitely didn’t live up to what it was speculated to be! The gap between what it ‘was supposed to be’ and what it ‘turned out to be’ is definitely not negligible.

Not hooked!

The signature step of any song, which is also called the ‘hook step’ is possibly the most important element in any song, that’s projected as an instant chart-buster which will get picked up. Saroj Khan’s Dola Re hook step is still one of the most remembered steps in the history of Bollywood. Although the signature step was nothing but a simple movement of the body, the way Madhuri and Aishwarya performed it and the way the step complimented the song was commendable. Cut to Pinga and Remo tries doing the same, albeit this time with a peculiar hand movement, which doesn’t get us half as hooked as the Devdas track.

A mish-mash of lavni steps!

Lavni as a dance form is supposed to be energetic, upbeat and very, very spontaneous. The movements, as they say in colloquial language, are kadak. With Pinga, that’s what goes missing. The flavour of the song compliments the dance form and the entire backdrop too backs it, given that both Kashibai (PC) and Mastani (DP) were Peshwanis and Lavni forms an important aspect of their traditional culture and rituals. You have an endearing Piggy Chops and an earnest Dippy trying effortlessly to make this track look beautiful but somewhere the choreography plays spoilsport to their sincere intentions. Even Deepika’s Nagada and Priyanka’s Ram Chahe Leela (both from SLB’s previous film) were filmed better than this, to be honest! But here, although DP and PC do their part well, the song leaves us with a sinking feeling. The feeling that both the actresses deserved much better than this! Even Deepika and Priyanka would agree.