IISc assures gay student of help after he was reportedly blackmailed

A 21-year-old student from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, is allegedly being blackmailed by someone that they’ll expose his sexual preferences. The student has now reportedly approached the IISc authorities asking for their help.


A report in a leading daily states that the IISc authorities have assured him that a committee would be set up to look into the matter. The student also confirmed this to the daily.

The daily reported the incident on Friday stating that the blackmailers had asked the student to pay Rs 5000 for keeping quiet. The student had not openly said he was gay apparently which was why the blackmailers felt bold. Post his fitting reply, they allegedly stopped bothering him but he reported the incident to the authorities.

A Chennai-based all-volunteer unregistered collective of LGBT people and allies, Orinam, blogged about the incident and then it went viral on social media. The reports stated that the blog put a spotlight on how members of the LGBT community were harassed at educational institutions. The student also stated that this crime falls under anti-ragging rules, but effective implementation was key.