ISIS not a potent threat to India but vigil needs: Former home secretary G K Pillai

New Delhi: In the wake of Paris terror attacks, security experts have warned that such attacks can also take place in India, although not by the ISIS, and the country needs to shake up its complacent attitude to prevent such an eventuality before it gets too late.


Speaking to dna, former Union home secretary, G K Pillai, said that the very fact nothing has happened in India for a long time is a sign that terrorists are preparing for a larger conspiracy.

“It always needs a few people to plan and execute a terror strike. And with the poison of radicalisation taking place through the new medium of Internet, which has no boundaries, is a worrisome factor. The agencies and the police need to be aware of the potent effects it can deliver,” said Pillai.

Pillai rues the fact that drills in the wake of a terror attacks, especially in urban areas, are not taking place any more.

“I don’t remember if any drills have taken place in last three hour years. Complacency seems to have set in. This could be disastrous. Apparently, the French Police was also not up to the mark in response as it failed to get its act together to prevent serial terror strikes. There as a difference of one-and-a-half hours between the strikes,” added Pillai.

The deadly Paris terror strikes are being seen as ISIS’s attempt to keep its morale up after facing a humiliating defeat from Kurdish Peshmarga and its terrorists were forced to flee Sinjar.

Minutes after the attacks, ISIS sympathizers got active on twitter to claim that it orchestrated by the ISIS. Hours later Khilafah News owned the attacks by positing a statement in Arabic and French. Subsequently, the outfit released an Audio bulletin claiming the responsibility of deadly strike.

ISIS propagandist like Umm Nutella tweeted saying that youngest attacker was just 15 years old.

A propagandist Umm Aysha posted an undated video showing an ISIS terrorists issuing threat to France. Another attacker was carrying a Syrian Passport.

Paris attacks provide sort of a deja-vu of what Syrian Historian Sami Moubayed recently alerted about ISIS Trojan horse (sleeper cells) successfully penetrating pockets throughout Europe and North Africa disguised as refugees. Moubayed noted that ISIS fighter’s entry into Europe is aimed at establishing dormant cells.

Noted counter terrorism expert Ajai Sahni agrees with Moubayed.

“Over 1,500 French citizens have joined ISIS ranks in Syria and Iraq. It is a grim reminder of political asylum that France kept giving to radical elements from Africa and Arab region as victim and they managed to set shop in Europe and even established mosques preaching ultra-radicalism,”

“The situation is vastly different in India as the orthodox communities in India may be fundamentalist but have not been radicalised,” said Sahni.

However, Sahni adds that for India Laskhar, Jaish and Indian Mujahideen remains as grave threat as ever and are no different than ISIS.

“Our threat is not from ISIS but from the ideology that remains the same for other terror groups. The aim should be to fight the ideology at right levels and constantly,” said Sahni.