PM Modi asked to comment on the protests opposing his visit to the UK

London: The Royal Gallery inside the British Parliament where PM Modi will be speaking soon.

The relationship between India and Britain was imprisoned by the past. And in the last few years, the relationship between the two countries has been imprisoned by misconceptions: Britain PM David Cameron
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PM Modi asked to comment on the protests opposing his visit to the UK, questioning his ‘reputation’ as the chief minister of Gujarat, and the UK Visa ban.

To set the record straight, I had visited UK in 2003 and was welcomed. Even then, I had participated in many events. UK has never stopped me from coming – this a wrong perception please correct it.
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PM Modi faces question on ‘intolerance in India’ after the joint press conference.

India is the land of Mahatma Buddha, India is the land of Gandhi. India does not accept actions against the social norms and culture. India does not take any incident lightly. The law takes action. India protects the rights of every citizen and his/her freedom of thoughts. India is a vibrant democracy.
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Question from BBC to David Cameron: You have visited India three times since you have been in power. Why has it taken so long to get a return visit.

David Cameron: I have been wanting to see strengthening of relationship over the last 10 years. India has been a huge investor in India. Britain is a bigger investor than US in India.
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We expect the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris will yield decisive results: PM Modi
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India is focusing on defence modernisation with a thrust on Make in India: PM Modi

I consider our defence ties with the UK very important. I believe India will be an important partner in this.
We have also decided to cooperate in combatting climate change.
Today we have signed a civil nuclear deal. This is a sign of our trust in each other.
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The ties between our people are old. Our goals are similar, our partnership is vibrant and our ties are always expanding: PM Modi addresses joint press conference
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British Prime Minister David Cameron says India and UK enterprises have inked deals worth 9 billion pounds

As world’s oldest and largest democracies, we are not realizing the true potential of this relationship. That is what PM Modi and I want to change.