BJP divided house over taking action against Advani and other veterans

New Delhi(PTI): Opinion in the top echelons of BJP remained divided on whether action should be taken against senior party leaders who have attacked Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo over the Bihar poll debacle with Home Minister Rajnath Singh said to be against any action against dissenters.

LK Advani

On Tuesday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari strongly defended Modi and Shah and demanded stringent action against those making irresponsible statement and causing damage to the party’s image. Party sources said Singh was of the opinion that veterans — L K Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi — have experience and have contributed immensely to the growth of the BJP, so the party should listen to them.

The Home Minister is said to be in favour of examination and analysis of what the veterans had said and decisions taken for the overall good of the BJP. Such decisions should be acceptable to all, the sources said. Singh, a former party President, was not averse to dissenting opinion being expressed within the party fora and felt that corrective steps should be taken rather than crushing it.

He is said to be of the opinion that party leaders, including veterans, should not express their views in public but should raise them in party fora, as making public certain things is not good. Advani, Joshi, senior leaders Shanta Kumar and Yashwant Sinha had attacked Modi and Shah in the wake of Bihar debacle, saying the party has been “emasculated” in the last one year and was being “forced to kow-tow to a handful”. They demanded a thorough review of the debacle.