India ranks 106th in list of 145 countries for Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index

New Delhi: India is at number 106 in the list of 145 generous nations put on The Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index.


Myanmar ranks highest in the world for generosity followed by US, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. UK, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Ireland, and Malaysia make the rest of the top ten countries, reports a leading English daily

India is last among the eight countries included from South Asia in the survey. India helped strangers more (334 million people), had more people donate money (183 million people) and ones who volunteered for a good cause (156 million people). These high numbers are the result of the large population of the country. But in the overall view, the proportion of ‘helpers’ has dropped substantially by 8 percentage points from 2013 to 20% in 2014.

The CFA research also shows that the most generous countries are the most deprived ones. Only five of the top 20 countries are part of G20 which represent the largest economies of the world. Six of G20 countries are not even in the top 100 in the list.

The bottom four countries are China, Yemen, Lithuania, and Burundi.