Diwali buying guide for Indians – Great devices under Rs 10,000

If you still haven’t bought your near and dear ones a Diwali gift, here are some stellar gadgets in the sub-10K range that you should consider.dnaTechReview, Lenovo, ASUS, Honor, Xiaomi, Motorola, Samsung, Alcatel, Micromax, budget smartphones, budget tablets

Diwali is almost upon us, sales are reaching their peak on e-commerce websites, and most of you will already have sorted out your purchases. But for those of you last-minute shoppers with a penchant to make hasty decisions, we’ve put together a list of the best devices you can get for under Rs 10,000 this festive season. It’s a mix of smartphones, tablets, and wearables, so sit tight and read on!

There’s a multitude of choices here, what with the market being flooded of late with Chinese imports, as well as local companies upping their value-for-money game. Here’s our picks for the top smartphones under 10K.

Lenovo K3 Note – Rs 9,999
The Lenovo K3 Note was insanely popular at launch, with multiple flash sales selling out in mere seconds. Despite having aged a bit since, it’s still a strong budget smartphone player, and the only one in this category with a full HD (1920×1080) display, not to mention Dolby Atmos sound. If this is what you’re looking for, then don’t even stop to reconsider.

Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL – Rs 9,999
The Zenfone 2 Laser is a good second choice in the same price bracket. A decent processor/RAM combo, not to mention cameras, what relegates it to second place is only that the K3 Note is all that and so much more. Definitely worth considering.

Honor 4X – Rs 9,999
The Honor 4X, one of China-based Huawei’s first India launches, may not look like much at first glance. It’s decent as far as smartphones go, but what it does exceptionally well is manage battery usage. With everday use, you can expect the 4X to go well beyond 24-hour usage, perfect for the roving office man (or woman) who doesn’t often have access to a charger.

Redmi 2 – Rs 5,999
The Redmi 2 is a reboot of Xiaomi’s very first India release, the Redmi 1S. The more compact device from its lineup, the Redmi 2 has a sleek design and above average performance. But it makes the cut purely because of the company’s custom MIUI, now in its 7th version; on the software front, it’s definitely a looker.

Moto E (2nd Gen) 4G – Rs 6,999
The Moto E is simplicity at its best. While the phone may not look as nice as the other on this list, it’s an acceptable tradeoff for the stock Android experience. Just make sure you don’t plan on taking many selfies with this though, the cameras are nothing to brag about.

Samsung Galaxy On5 – Rs 8,990
The newest entry in this list, the Galaxy On5 is Samsung’s first budget smartphone in forever. It’s important to note, it’s also the best looking device here, and performance is decent. Get this if you plan to make a statement while keeping an eye on your budget.

Additional devices
Tablets are a more limited offering in the sub-10K range, but there’re still two mentions worth thinking over.

Micromax Canvas Tab P666 – Rs 9,399
The Canvas Tab is a long-standing stalwart, with decent performance. It packs an Intel Atom processor, which should ensure smooth gameplay, and the device aesthetics are sleek with lots of lines.

Lenovo A7-30 Tablet – Rs 6,749
The Lenovo A7-30 is certainly the more drab looking of the two, and its cameras won’t do much (although photography is likely not what you’re buying a tablet for), but it’s still a highly reliable device, and not to mention easier on your wallet.

Alcatel One Touch smartwatch – Rs 7,999
There isn’t much to offer in the wearable department, at least in this particular price bracket, but one does stand out. The Alcatel one touch looks great though, for a bigger price, there are better looking ones out there, but it doesn’t skimp on the features. Heart-rate monitor, music control, and phone notifications are all there. And you don’t need to carry an extra cable, the USB charge for the watch is hidden in the strap. If nothing else, this is a great starter watch to get comfortable.