Top 10 restaurant apps to unleash the foodie for commons

Online food ordering is officially a thing, but what if you prefer the relaxed enjoyment of dining out to playing couch potato with pizza and coke. Our list of apps will help you zone in on the ideal dining experience. Whether you are looking at making new discoveries in your own city or you’re craving your favourite food fix on a business trip, these apps might do the trick. From meal deals to celebration meals to street food, these apps round up cool experiences for the gourmand in you.

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The default restaurant app for thousands of foodies, Zomato is almost unmatched in its scale – over a million dining options in a countless list of global locations, including your own city in India. Take hints from the reviews and the social sharing capabilities of this app before you choose where to take the family this weekend. Dynamically updated menus give you an insight of what to expect and the likely cost of your meal.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
What we like: Exhaustive listings and tips.

It might have started as a ‘check-in’ app where you could become the mayor of the chaatjoint around the corner, but the check-in element has spun off into another app – Swarm. The new and improved Foursquare app doesn’t just show you restaurant options (amongst other listings) but also learns from your check-ins (and your friends’ check-ins too) on Swarm, offering personalised suggestions. You can also use your friends’ and other tips to size up a restaurant.

Available on: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone
What we like: Intuitive suggestions based on your likes and past history.

A relatively new app that helps you discover cool stuff in your city, Townista is not just a restaurant-specific app but scores with its cool category-wise listing. It’s restricted to Mumbai, NCR and Bengaluru but we like how the app also lists out nondescript street food and ‘hole in the wall’ establishments that often get bypassed by food apps. The ‘share with friends’ feature allows you to swiftly share discoveries with your friends (even if they don’t have the app) on multiple platforms including WhatsApp.

Available on: Android, iOS
What we like: Handy ‘share’ function that allows you to share your discoveries.

Restaurant Finder
Forget the busy, cluttered interface, this app’s biggest draw is its easy search feature that lets you hunt for restaurants using multiple parameters, including area (PIN / ZIP) codes. The searches are powered by Google – that also means that Google reviews show up every time you look for a restaurant. The app is handy for frequent travellers, allowing you to make discoveries across the globe.

Available on: Android
What we like: Powerful search function.

A neatly organised app with a user interface that’s easy on the eye, this Dineout goes beyond aggregating restaurant listings and reviews. You can make reservations at the restaurant of your choice from within the app. It also offers a host of deals – from discounts to freebies, across the same restaurants, and a unique wallet feature that allows you to transfer your credit to other accounts like Paytm or Uber.

Available on: Android, iOS
What we like: Restaurant booking and special offers.

Another app that offers exhaustive listings and features, Burrp allows you to search by area or cuisine, rate restaurants and also leave your digital footprint in the form of reviews. Aside from scanned menus, the app also has digital menus that are easier to navigate, while a cool trending feature allows you to spot popular restaurants.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
What we like: Trending feature.

Google Maps
If you’re short on device memory and only need occasional advice on where to dine or hang out with your buddies, the Google Maps app works just fine; you get almost all that you need too. Location, timings, ratings and user reviews with inputs on signature dishes and meal costs. Of course, navigation is a given with Google Maps.

Available on: Android, iOS
What we like: Easy navigation and discovery especially in a new city.