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6 times the Bihar Elections campaign was more entertaining than Bigg Boss

Patna,Nirmalya Dutta: Even Anurag Kashyap, with his inherent understanding of darkish, neo-noir comedy, would fail to match the theatrics that have been on display during the Bihar Elections campaign. An unholy alliance between Nitish Kumar, his arch-rival Lalu Prasad Yadav and the Congress saw them face-off against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s NDA, in what comedian Sourabh Pant described as the most entertaining show on TV right now.


Seriously, the campaign script would make every stand-up show in the country look tame by comparison. Here are some reasons why:

Lalu Prasad Yadav – the one-man laughter track

You could have a cameraman follow Lalu Prasad Yadav around and the resultant footage would probably be funnier than any reality show or stand-up act that we’ve come across. Lalu has the gift of gab, which has made him one of the most well-known politicians in the country.

Lalu used his theatrics to rib-tickling effect as he mocked Narendra Modi time and again, even becoming the first Indian politician to use dubsmash to mimic his opponents (Narendra Modi’s Acche Din) and even challenged the Prime Minister to a debate in English.

He also mimicked Modi in speeches and fat-shamed Amit Shah when he got stuck in a lift by saying ‘lifts in Patna are small in size and not for fat people’! And then there was the time a fan fell on him. Here are some hilarious Laluisms from the 2015-campaign:

Mocking Amit Shah

Mocking Amit Shah

Dubsmashing Modi

Lalu Copying Modi’s speech


Challenging Modi to an English debate

If not in English he can have debate in Hindi also on all the burning issues but I’m afraid he avoids challenges https://twitter.com/spookyRAWrookie/status/657851523490156544 

Fan fall

Pole Dancing and Tantric Videos

Pole Dancing and Tantric Videos 

There’s something particularly interesting about how videos seem to surface pre-elections, and this time we weren’t disappointed as JD (U) candidate from Gaya, found a rather embarrassing pole dance video which showed him lewdly grabbing a dancer while he was cheered on a by a crowd. He is even seen showering money on the dancer, which might not go down very well with the election crowd.

The BJP also released a video of Nitish Kumar meeting a tantrik which might have been more effective if the BJP leaders had never met any religious leaders.

Nitish’s Greatest Hits

Political pundits reacted the same way to the Nitish-Lalu alliance as normal people do when they found out Virat Kohli was dating Anushka Sharma. Nitish’s tweet about snakes (Bad company does not affect a virtuous man, just like the sandalwood tree is not affected by snakes wrapped around it), didn’t help get the partnership off to a great start but Lalu’s theatrics seem to have rubbed off on Lalu.


Parodying a song from 3 Idiots, Nitish mocked Narendra Modi’s various idiosyncrasies with a song from Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots: “Bahti Hawa sa tha woh, Gujarat se aaya tha woh, kaala dhan laane wala thaa wo, kahan gaya use doondho. Humko desh ki fikr sataati hai, woh bus videsh ke daure lagaate hain, humko badhti mahangai satata, wo bas mann ki baat sunata. Har waqt apni selfie khinchta tha woh, Dawood ko laane wala tha woh, kahan gaya use dhoondo.”

This led PM Narendra Modi to label the Mahagatbandhan, 3 Idiots though he did acknowledge its entertainment value. He said: “What entertainment Nitish Babu…Practise it, perfect it, you will get many opportunities after November 8 (when votes are counted). You can then sing at leisure then.”

When Anil Kumar Sadhu did an Aamir Khan

This is 2015 when it’s completely okay for a grown-man to cry (probably not after watching Katti Batti), but it’s no longer seen as something to be ashamed. That being said, it’s probably not a good idea to start the waterworks on live TV as Ram Vilas Paswan’s son-in-law completely lost it as his brother-in-law (and Ram Vilas’ son) Chirag got a party ticket instead of him. Sadhu bawled that Chirag was a failed Bollywood actor (he debuted in a film with Kangana Ranaut in 2011) who wasn’t a Dalit leader.


Nitish’s Greatest Hits

He said in an interview with CNN-IBN, “Paswan calls himself a neta. Chirag Paswan is a flop hero. His film ‘Miley Naa Miley Hum’ was a flop. In our district, everyone went to see the movie with their own money, and we were told to say that he is a good actor.” Frankly, his sentiments might be shared by anyone who paid money to watch that movie.

Going to Pakistan

The love-hate relationship that the right-wing shares with Pakistan continued as BJP president Amit Shah suggested that Pakistan would celebrate if the BJP lost. He said at a rally: “”Do you want the return of Jungle Raaj-2? If by any mistake BJP loses, victory and defeat may be in Bihar but fire crackers will go off in Pakistan. Do you want crackers being burst in Pakistan?”

Continuing in the same vein, BJP minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Giriraj Singh and Sushil Kumar Modi mocked Nitish Kumar for allegedly publishing ads in Dawn, a Pakistani newspaper. They had posted screenshots to make their point, but what they had actually done was post screenshots of the online version of Dawn. Sadly, what they were doing was displaying an alarming amount of ignorance about how Google Adsense worked, which led Nitish Kumar to mock them on Twitter. Kumar wrote on Twitter that it seemed like BJP leaders didn’t understand the basic aspects of the digital world, and maybe Sundar Pichai (Google’s CEO) could help them.

Beef with beef

In their new show, comedy group AIB has observed that beef has become the new corruption, as everyone seems to be talking about it, and there was a lot of it during the Bihar Elections as well. The Dadri lynching, where an innocent Muslim who was believed to have killed a cow, led to mass hysteria and Lalu Prasad Yadav went as far to say that Hindus eat beef as well, a statement that he took back saying that the devil had got his tongue.

Narendra Modi, who had so far being silent about the Dadri incident, lashed out at Lalu saying that he was insulting Yadhuvanshis and that he was ashamed at such words coming from Lord Krishana’s descendants.

The BJP also couldn’t resist using the cow issue to try and communalise the debate, as they published a newspaper ad of a woman straddling a calf and asking why Nitish was quiet when Lalu said that Hindus eat beef. This angered the EC to an extent where they said that no ads could be published without their consent.

Overall, it was an exhausting campaign for all concerned, and it’s still not clear who’s going to win, but this was certainly more entertaining than every reality show ever made!


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