Kochi school designs wearable school bag to reduce students’ burden

Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir at Girinagar in Kochi has come up with a school bag that a student can wear. A report in Malayalam Manorama states that the school has started to distribute the bag – called Uni B – to its students.

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The Uni B can be worn over one’s uniform like a jacket. The students can put everything from their books to pencil box and water bottle in the bag. The bag has pouches in the front and back so that the weight is evenly distributed, says the report.

The Physics teachers in the school have reportedly designed the bag in consultation with doctors.

The school now is waiting to patent the bag before they sell it to students outside their school.

This school in Kochi designs wearable school bags to cut down burden of children | http://goo.gl/voJPD0