Maharastra: At least 14 lose vision permanently due to negligent post-operative care in Washim district

Mumbai: At least 14 people have lost their vision permanently due to negligent post-operative care at Washim’s civil district hospital.


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A report in a leading tabloid said that the patients were transferred to the city’s JJ Hospital in the last week to determine if their eyesight could be restored. However, none but nine such attempts were successful.

The report also added that doctors at JJ did not rule out the possibility that some of these patients might not have their vision fully revived.

According to preliminary tests, eye swabs collected from patients established the presence of pseudomonas, a highly infectious strain of bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics, reported the tabloid.

Quoting a senior health department official, the report said, “23 patients were admitted over a period spanning a month – between October 6 and October 29. However, nine people returned to the hospital in Washim on October 15, complaining of watery, itchy and red eyes. Therefore, Dr. PP Chauhan who operated on them (and the remaining 14), directed them to a hospital in Akola for treatment and then sent five more people afflicted with pseudomonas. But after examination by doctors it was found that they had contracted the infection and were asked to seek treatment at JJ Hospital.

Dr TP Lahane, the dean at JJ Hospital, told tabloid, “Several of the patients brought to his facility could have been cured if haste were applied at Washim or Akola.”

Meanwhile, Health minister Dr Deepak Sawant has ordered an inquiry and suspend three doctors and two ophthalmologists at Washim district hospital.

He added that over 100 patients were operated on for cataract in October. “We are attempting to trace all these patients,” he said.