Modi government trying to repeat Gujarat pogrom on national level: Congress

NEW DELHI(ANI): Launching a frontal attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for failing to keep a tab on those making insensitive comments in wake of the rising intolerance, Congress leader Manish Tewari on Wednesday alleged that the ruling dispensation at the Centre was trying to repeat the Gujarat pogrom on a national scale.

Manish Tewari

“In the 1940s, both majority whopped mentality and minority whopped mentality led to the partition of India. The manner in which the atmosphere has been vitiated in the past 18 months, these people are laying the foundation of the second partition of India. They are preparing to repeat the Gujarat pogrom on a national scale,” Tewari told ANI.

“Question should be directed to the Prime Minister should the Khan go to Pakistan or should he live in India. Where do you stand on it. This is precisely the whopped mentality,” he added.

The Congress leader made an earnest appeal to all the ‘right thinking progressive and secular forces’ to come together.

“There is a need for all the right thinking, progressive and secular forces to read the warning signs and even those who believe in the idea of India, need to stand together in order to isolate such elements from the national main stream,” he said.

Tewari further criticised the government over India’s most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed’s invitation to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan to stay in Pakistan.

“The tragedy is that this government and its ministers are today providing a platform to Hafiz Saeed to lecture us. A man responsible for deaths of thousands of innocents has the gumption to lecture India on intolerance primarily because of the idiotic activities of people affiliated with this government and who are a part of this government,” he added.

Tewari further said the present government has created an environment, which is providing legitimacy to the likes of Hafiz Saeed.

“They need to think for a moment where are they leading this country to,” he added.