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PM Modi should be given a chance, sayTMC MP Moonmoon Sen

Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday found a supporter in Trinamool Congress MP Moonmoon Sen who felt “we should give him a chance”.

Moonmoon Sen

Talking to a local news channel Sen said “I think we should give him (Modi) a chance. He has done a very good job winning all those votes and we have to give him a chance as a Prime Minister.”
“His (Modi’s) own party (BJP) is not giving him a chance. Let’s see what he does in five years and then we can go against him,” she said.

Asked about the protests against intolerance, Sen said “We have more media today, we have more cameras, we have more microphones. So the exposure is more. “But tell me, wasn’t child marriage always there? Even nowadays Sati happens. These things have been prevalent in our country all along. Today they (the protestors) are able to come together, because there is a computer, there is a website. You (the media) are there,” she said.
“There is nothing new in protesting,” Sen added.

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