Delhi police arrest MBA holder with heroin worth Rs25 crore

New Delhi, 30 March-2014(PTI/DNA): The Delhi Police on Thursday arrested a 32-year-old Andhra Pradesh resident with heroin worth Rs25 crore in the international market from Nizamuddin railway station.

Delhi police arrest MBA holder with heroin worth Rs25 crore

Nizamuddin Railway Station in Delhi, with Huma...

Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station in Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The accused, Anumulagundam Soma Shekhar, has an MBA and runs his own crusher business in Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh.According to the police,Shekhar fell to the lure of quick and easy money as his crusherbusiness was running at a loss and mounting debts had put him in afinancial crisis. Shekhar studied for his MBA at the Indian Institute of Business Management (IIBM), and passed outin 2007.

The police believe thatShekhar is just a pawn in an international ring of drug traffickersthat bring narcotics into India from Afghanistan via Pakistan, Jammu& Kashimir and Punjab.

He was caught while he was takinghis second consignment to Hyderabad from a Srinagar-based suppliernamed Muneer. “In the second week of March, he had picked up a 2kgconsignment of heroin from Muneer, which he successfully delivered toa buyer in Hyderabad, who paid him Rs1 lakh per kilo of the drug.Based on an input, we nabbed him this time and recovered 8kg heroinworth 25 crore in the international market,” a police officialsaid.The police said Shekhar tookto drug trafficking after his business woes compelled him to agree toan offer to traffic drugs made by a NRI living in Kuwait namedRajni.”Shekhar met her in 2008and they became friends. In January 2014, Rajni met Shekhar inHyderabad and found him in dire need of money. She told him he couldget out of his financial crisis if he agreed to traffic drugs. Heaccepted,” said the official.Shekhar’s story is quitetragic. After getting out of college with a degree, he started aconstruction business in partnership with one Sundar Reddy in whichhe suffered huge losses. Thereafter, he tried his hand at the crusher business but his luck didn’t turn as that too went bust and hisdebts piled up. [ Input : dnaindia ]