Shah Rukh turns 50: Kareena, Anushka, Katrina, Vidya, Sooraj, Sonam, Arjun, Athiya pick one SRK quality they wish to have!

Bollywood actors list down one quality of Shah Rukh Khan they wish they had… P.S. And implement in real life as well!

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan
An actor par excellence, a common man’ superstar, a loving husband, a protective brother and a doting father- Shah Rukh Khan dons many hats at once. Known for his cinematic charisma and his off-screen chivalrous nature, SRK has many qualities which every man, woman, girl, boy, uncles, and aunties would love to have.

Here we have some of the Bollywood stars having their Main SRK banna chahta/chahti hoon moment as they reveal one quality of SRK they wish they possessed!

Kareena Kapoor:
I would love to have the energy that Shah Rukh has because he never gets tired. So it’s scary to work with him because he’s working all the time and not even tired. So one day, I want to achieve that when I am like working round the clock and I still want to keep going without feeling tiresome. I don’t know how Shah Rukh manages to do that. Maybe it’s the black coffee! (Winks)

Katrina Kaif:
Professional, warm, courteous, sincere and a fantastic co-star – these are many ways of describing the superstar and everyone knows all of this already. Even though I have worked with him on one just one (humongous!) film, I am privileged to have been a part of the Indian film industry in the same era as him. And it’s impossible to imagine the same, sans SRK. But if there’s one quality of him that I want to possess, it has to be his energy and his politeness to everyone around.

Vidya Balan:
His tireless energy. It’s almost infectious. God bless him with much more energy always.

Anushka Sharma:
He has this great quality of getting along with everyone and taking great care of the people around them. I admire the way he treats his fans. No matter how tired he is or what he’s been through, he always greets them with a smile on the face and becomes one of their own. That is one quality I love the most in Shah Rukh- the ability to connect with everyone.

Sonam Kapoor:
His perseverance and the fact that even at 50, he works harder than anyone half his age is commendable…I think that is a great quality to have, even after reaching superstardom. Also his ability to talk with his eyes…it has millions of women across the globe weak in the knees.

Athiya Shetty:
Shah Rukh sir has the beautiful ability to make you believe and have faith. He’s made us believe that somewhere out there, there is a Raj for every Simran, a Rahul for every Anjali. Each and every character he plays is honest, each dialogue he says is sincere and when he cries, the world cries with him. And that’s the true quality of an actor which inspires me the most- his honesty!

Sooraj Pancholi:
My mom (Zarina Wahab) always wants me to express like Shah Rukh sir. I think he has got the best pair of eyes which no one else has in the industry. And he can emote really well. I wish I too could express my emotions that well on screen!

Arjun Kapoor:
I genuinely believe that Shah Rukh Khan is the most gifted actor of our generation in terms of charm and he’s been entertaining people for many, many years. And he makes us believe in the power of romance till today. And that’s one quality that he’s only going to take forward. Even with a Dilwale coming, you can sense that it will be a romantic film, and he genuinely is a very hard-working actor. I have seen him work when I was an assistant on Kal Ho Naa Ho. He’s a genius on set. He’s wired like a machine and if a director tells him something, he will do the shot better than what he was told. That’s one quality I don’t think many actors in the industry have. He can genuinely switch on and switch off and I hope he continues entertaining people because he’s a fantastic entertainer 360 degrees across the bay.