‘Jungle raj’, ‘jantar mantar ka raj’ have joined hands to destroy Bihar: PM Modi

Patna(Web Team): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday held Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav responsible for the rampant illiteracy in the state and said that ‘jungle raj’ and ‘jantar mantar ka raj’ have joined hands to destroy Bihar.

PM Modi

“Bihar has tolerated ‘jungle raj’. People were being looted. Now ‘jungle raj’ has got its twin brother. ‘Jungle raj’ and ‘jantar mantar ka raj’ have come together to destroy Bihar. Those who don’t believe in democracy do black magic. Don’t let these two come together, otherwise it will only destroy Bihar,” Prime Minister Modi said while addressing an election rally here.

Activists of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, youth wing of BJP, on Monday

Displaying a memorandum that was send to him by the local villagers, the Prime Minister said the thumb impressions on the document which indicated the illiteracy of the people was most saddening.

“Women from Karpuri sent me a memorandum filled with their pleas asking me to save them from the state government that is trying to take over their lands. This is the state of the 21st century Bihar where the villagers don’t even know how to sign. This is the proof of Nitish and Lalu’s misdoings for 25 years, he said while addressing a rally here.

Asserting that this was nothing but ‘criminal negligence’ by the ‘brothers’, Prime Minister Modi held the duo responsible for the pathetic state of affairs in the state.

PM Modi also said, “I assure you all that BJP, NDA government will be formed on the 8th. Bihar stands for- Brilliant, innovative, hardworking, action oriented, resourceful. This is the power of Bihar.”

Earlier in the day, with the fourth round of polling underway in Bihar, Modi said the atmosphere is for change and NDA has a ray of hope.

“Atmosphere in Bihar indicates people want change. People are seeing NDA as a ray of hope. Will campaign in Madhubani, Madhepura & Katihar,” he tweeted.