Kamal Haasan: No political agenda to my meeting with Raj Thackeray

On Friday Mumbai’s political circles were abuzz with reports of South Indian thespian Kamal Haasan’s flash-visit to meet Mumbai’s MNS chief Raj Thackeray.


However Kamal Hasaan in an exclusive chat urges the media not to read any political motives in his social visit to Raj Thackeray’s place. Says Kamalji, “It was just a hello to an old friend . I went to Mumbai to see my mother’s younger sister who was not keeping too well. People who were with me informed Mr. Raj I was in town and I was invited home by the family.” The actor-extraordinaire who turns 61 next week is surprised by the importance given to the casual meeting. Says Kamalji with a chuckle, “What I did not expect was the press and cameras. I guess in Mumbai politicians and stars are always in the media’s eyes whatever they do. Unlike over here in Chennai.”

Kamalji reiterates he has no plans to join politics. “I don’t understand politics. I am not a politician. I am a filmmaker and an actor.”

After working for 57 years(he made his acting debut age 4) Kamalji says he is not exhausted. “The day I start looking at acting as work, I would be. Working for money or fame saps you. I stopped doing that 25 years back. The only time I am really happy is when I am in front of the camera. When I am not, I start ruminating, retrospecting and brooding.”

Acting, says Kamalji is a life-defining exercise for him. “I equate acting to building card-houses, which I used to do as a child… My mother used to shout at me, Are you building the Taj Mahal? For me it was building the Taj Mahal.

Today, I feel like Shah Jahan trying to build something taller than me (my career). My work is my card-house. I truly admire what they do on the beaches of Orissa. They create true work of art on the beaches and then watch the wind and the waters sweep it away.”