Russia denies plans to plant overseas military bases

Moscow, 30 March-2014 (Prensa Latina): The Russian Foreign Ministry today dismissed rumors circulating on the Internet about alleged plans to build military bases in Argentina, according to spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.

Russia denies plans to plant overseas military bases

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“Anyway, circulating such fantasies was no surprise, given an avalanche of misinformation leaked by Western mass media, as if they were orchestrated by someone, on quite a different subject,” the diplomat said in a statement.

“This provocative lie would not be worth our comments if not for the accompanying speculations on how Russia is going to develop relations with Argentina in the future,” the statement said.

He stressed Moscow’s commitment with growing ties with Argentina in various areas of bilateral cooperation.

“The partnership between the two countries rests on a reliable and friendly basis, the nature of our partnership makes it impossible to target it (partnership) against anyone,” Lukashevich stressed.

Such rumors began circulating from an announcement by the Russian Defense Ministry in late February, about the intention of the ministry to increase its military presence in various parts of the world, including Latin America.

It is surprising that the rumors appeared after Argentina’s president said Wednesday that the U.S. and Britain displayed double standards with their positions on Crimea and the Falkland Islands, undermining efforts to preserve Ukraine’s territorial integrity.