Get out of our kitchens’ say acroos parties Kerala politicians

New Delhi,Azaan Javaid: A defiant Kerala government, supported by senior politicians of the state, launched a scathing attack on the Centre and Delhi Police, a day after local cops, acting on a complaint by a right wing group, quizzed staffers of Kerala House whether beef was being served at the premises of the state’s Bhavan.


Kerala MPs protest on Tuesday after Delhi Police entered the Kerala House on a complaint that beef was served in its canteeen 

Merely hours after food items made of buffalo meat being taken off the menu, senior officials of the Kerala government informed dna that food items available before the police search on Monday, will be served again from Wednesday afternoon. Kerala chief secretary Jiji Thomson told dna that the decision to remove certain food items from the menu was taken by staffer’s who were afraid of ‘violent retributions’ that the country has been lately witnessing.

Members of right-wing Hindu Sena, accompanied by 20 officiers of the Delhi Police, had on Monday entered Samridhi Restaurant in Kerala House and accused staffers of serving cow meat. Police had left Kerala House without taking further action when they were told that meat was of buffalo and was bought from a government authorised meat shop.

However, when news of the police action came to fore, Delhi cops yet again found themselves in the midst of a major controversy with opposition party leaders arriving at the Kerala House with all guns blazing.

The main contention of the opposition being how Delhi Police entered the Kerala House premises to conduct a search without following proper protocol of informing Resident Commissioner of the Bhawan.

The entire incident merged opposition parties into a unison with Kerala chief minister sending a strong worded letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Chandy termed the search by Delhi police as a ‘raid’ conducted without any permission or prior information to local state government officials, especially the resident commissioner of Kerala house.

Members of Parliament from both Rajya and Lok Sabha held a sit-in demonstration at the Kerala House accusing Modi government of invading into personal spaces of Indian citizens. While Kerala MP CP Narayan said that Delhi police should know its limits, PK Shrimati, MP from Kannur constituency, described police action as an attack on federalism. CPI (M) MP A. Sampath dubbed the incident as deplorable and said the Centre had humiliated the Kerala Government. “This (Kerala House) is the property of the Government of Kerala, just like a foreign nation having its embassy here in India. How can any random person just by having police around demand that we cannot cook it or serve it (buffalo meat) here? These people should get out of our kitchens” he asked.

AAP, which has been at loggerheads with the Delhi Police, also took the opportunity to attack the department.”Instead of worrying about women security or the growing rate of crime, Delhi police is busy checking who is cooking what in their kitchens,”AAP leader Ashutosh told dna.

Meanwhile the Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi, defended the actions of his cops by saying that they were only following standard procedure. “It was not a raid. We are an instrumentality of law and when we get a call, we have no choice but to respond. And in this case we acted as per the law and are entitled to act in this fashion under the Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act 1994,”BS Bassi said. The Delhi agricultural cattle preservation act, 1994 prevents slaughtering of cow, calf, ox, bull and bullocks.

Senior police officials involved in the action when asked to comment on why permission was not taken from the resident commissioner before entering the Kerala House premises said, “All we wanted was to avoid any untoward situation to take place. We are all aware of the things are in the country,” the officer said.

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