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Lalu Prasad dares PM Modi to burn RSS patriarch Golwalkar book to prove quota commitment

Patna(PTI): RJD President Lalu Prasad on Tuesday rubbished Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to protect reservation and dared him to burn the book by RSS patriarch M S Golwalkar which, he said, stressed on the need to scrap quota in jobs to clear the intent to the issue.

Lalu and Modi

“When caught, he (PM Modi) is changing colour like a chameleon … If you are true to your commitment for reservation then burn guru Golwalkar’s book ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ which stressed on ending reservation for backwards and dalits,” Prasad told reporters.

Displaying Golwalkar’s book, the RJD chief fired salvos at Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah and asked them to publically criticise the content of the book.

“If your ‘niyat’ (intent) is clear, come out publically against Golwalkar’s book and burn it,” he said.

The RJD chief, who has already given a call for ‘Mandal Raj-2’ to counter BJP’s slogan of ‘Jungle Raj-2’, has made reservation issue the focal point of his campaign to consolidate backward castes vote. Prasad claimed that Golwalkar’s book said dalits should be chased away if they dare to enter a temple after publically announcing the visit.

“Moreover, the book also ridiculed the Constitution and dubbed it as ‘ujul-fijul kagaj ka pulinda’ (bunch of useless papers). Isn’t it an insult of the Constitution prepared under guidance of B R Ambedkar?” he said.

His daughter Misa Bharti separately talking to reporters condemned the assertions made by the Prime Minister two days ago that Prasad had unsuccessfully tried to set her in Parliamentary election.

“It is insult of a woman,” said Misa Bharti, who lost Lok Sabha poll to Union Minister of State Ramkripal Yadav from Patliputra seat.

She said she was seeking legal opinion against PM’s “insulting” comment against her and might move Women’s Commission and Elections Commission against it.

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