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Rahul Gandhi mocks Narendra Modi: Says Modi goes abroad to eat daal

Patna(PTI): Vowing to root out BJP from states after ‘victory’ of the grand alliance in Bihar, Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to “stop telling lies” and debunked his diatribe against JDU and RJD on migration of jobless youths from the state. “Modi ji comes and makes big speeches. You ask him what treatment is meted out to Biharis by the BJP government in Maharasthra. You ask them what does he do when Biharis are bashed up and chased away from there,” Gandhi said a day after the Prime Minister raised the pitch on the issue of migration of youths from Bihar in search of employment, countering Mahagathbandhan’s “Bihari versus Bahari’ pitch.

Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi

In remarks laced with sarcasm, Modi had asked Nitish and Lalu as to who made the Bihar youths outsiders by forcing them out of the state in search of livelihood. Modi had also made promises including a six-point programme for development of the state.

Rejecting it, Gandhi said not only people in Bihar but in the whole country understand the “lies”.
“Modi ji, people are understanding lies told by you. Stop telling lies and do your work. I know RSS has given you this training. This is your training from RSS but you are the Prime Minister. Start doing the country’s work and stop telling lies,” the Congress Vice President said.
Assuring youths that the government of grand alliance led by Nitish Kumar will change Bihar’s face, he insisted the Congress has ruled the country and knows what is governance.

Modi ji aur RSS kay log kehte hain, dal roti mat khao, prabhu ke gunn gao. Dal itni mehengi ho rahi hai: Rahul Gandhi

Modi ji hawaijahaaj mei jaate hai, America aur England, waha ki dal khaatey hain: Rahul Gandhi pic.twitter.com/XBnkzlO9cr

“We will stop BJP and RSS in Bihar and after Bihar, we will root out the BJP one by one from all states. Strengthen the hands of the grand allinace. Nitish ji will become Chief Minister…Congress knows how to run the government.
“In the last 10 years we had taken large number of people out of poverty net. We will do the same in Bihar and change the face of the state. This is partnership. Three of us will together change the face of the state,” he said in an apparent bid to blunt the attack of NDA that the victory of the grand alliance will bring back Lalu Raj, which it had been calling “jungle raj”.

Reminding people that Modi had made many promises including the one to provide jobs to youths, he asked them whether any one of them got jobs and took at a jibe at the the Prime Minister’s pet Make in India Programme.
“Everywhere you go, you will see the advertisement of Make India. It was projected as some lion. Open any computer set and you will see the lion of Make in India but this lion (babbar sher) has not given one job to youths of the country,” Gandhi said.

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