MemoriesCable will make it easier to charge iPhones, iPads

This USB cable can charge your phone while backing up your data to its large inbuilt storage
Creative Peripherals, an Indian distribution network dealing in IT, Imaging, Telecom and Lifestyle products, has launched the latest MemoriesCable from PhotoFast after a very successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The storage drive is designed as a charging cable for your iPhone or iPad and adds even more convienience when compared to the backup drives available for the iPhone today. The MemoriesCable stores and manages data and automatically backs up the iOS device while charging your iPhone or iPad.

Mr Ketan C Patel, CEO at Creative Peripherals said, “It is my great pleasure to introduce MemoriesCable for iPhone from the house of our esteemed partner PhotoFast. Considering the popularity of Apple products among the Indian people, I believe MemoriesCable will be a huge success in Indian market. Creative peripherals being the key distributor for the products of the PhotoFast in India, we look at this as great opportunity to further consolidate our position in Indian market. We hope that PhotoFast MemoriesCable will bring huge success for both PhotoFast and Creative Peripherals.”

After using an iPhone for two years, I commonly face two problems, running out of space and running out of battery. The MemoriesCable manages to address both these problems rather well. Even for people having computers with lots of storage this cable presents value in the same way it did for me. I tend to run out of space a lot and I’m not always at the same computer, because of which my data is scattered all over the place. This cable worked well for me by allowing me to keep everything in one place and therefore helps keep me more organized.

The cable is also pretty convenient as well as small, making it very convienient to carry with me. I mostly rely on my phone for business and having a social life and I barely carry my laptop with me anywhere, because the MemoriesCable is available with such high capacities (up to 128GB) it also acts as my portable hard drive. Since it’s just a cable I can carry it with me in my pocket without the need for a bag.

The cable also puts some emphasis on security which I really appreciate, having the option of using my Touch ID to secure access to the app and individual file or folder security ensures my data is always accessible to me but also has some protection to keep it away from anybody wanting to get access to my data. These features combine well with the social media backup features of Facebook and Instagram albums, so I can backup my photos from the net if I want offline access to them. The device also comes with cloud support allowing access and management of Dropbox and Google Drive accounts. The app also allows for access to Flickr albums and playing Podcast videos. The cable also allows me to backup my iTunes library. Overall, the device is pretty useful and would definitely be a handy companion for anyone using an iPhone or iPad.

Technical Specifications
Connections: Lightning/USB 3.0
Compatibility: iOS 7.x/8.x – Mac OS X – Windows 7/8/XP
System requirement: Free APP from AppStore
“i-FlashDrive ONE”
Supported Models: iPod – iPhone 5/5S/5C –
iPhone 6/6 PLUS – iPad Air/Air 2 /mini
Speed: USB Speed: 90MB/s Write: 22MB/s
Lightning: Read: 30MB/s Write: 20MB/s