Face the winter as Ready-to-wear Bollywood styles

The cliché of a Bollywood actress with perfectly blow-dried hair wearing a sequinned, fitted dress is slowly beginning to break. Glam is out and comfort is in. Body-con is making way for anti-fit and high street brands seem to be the new opium for our stylists. Also, it’s a more grown-up approach to style, which actresses use in reaching out to their fan base by donning clothes, which are pocket-friendly finds and unreservedly relatable. With the growing popularity of home-bred labels like Shift by Nimish, Love Birds, Nida Mahmood and Pallavi Mohan’s Not So Serious, and arrival of high street brands like H&M and Topshop, one sees actresses in a more everyday avatar as opposed to their former diva cocoon.


Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma all opt for easy, breezy separatesYogen Shah 

Also, it shows a symbiotic relationship shared and nurtured by stylists and the brand offerings. A case in point being Alia Bhatt. The spunky actress makes a beautiful transition from a pair of shorts to denim overalls. During Piku promotions, Deepika Padukone wore a pair of cool sporty culottes (something which was unthinkable, a few years ago), Anushka Sharma always plays the girl-next-door to the hilt in high street, easy breezy separates. Let’s hear out style arbiters on this refreshing trend…

‘Alia is quirky and fun’
Stylist Ami Patel feels that film promotional events are not huge fashion events. “Alia is quirky, young and fun and I try to bring that aspect of her personality out in the clothing. I just add a brooch or a pair of shorts or denims, something which I won’t do with Kangana, who has a more fierce style. Today, it’s about effortless chic and not looking well put together. Even with make-up, I just give a tint for the mouth and leave everything basic or make-up free. Also, with the availability of brands like H&M and Topshop in India and also designers like Nida Mahmood and Pallavi Mohan coming out with fun clothing, it becomes smooth sailing,” she says. Recently, Ami gave Alia a checkered shirt which was a part of a suit. Instead, she added a pair of ZARA shorts. “One’s got to personalise it for the celeb,” she adds.

Huge promos
Stylist Sanjana Batra feels that today, the focus is on effortless dressing to the extent that it shouldn’t look put together at all. “Comfort is the key. Stars promote films from morning to evening. The outfits can’t restrict movement because sometimes, they’re expected to dance at promotional events. A pair of separates put together as opposed to a dress accessorised in a repetitive manner, is more fun. Also, most of these actresses are in their mid and late 20s so the fun and playful looks sort of work for them. Having said that, promos have become as big as the film as one is looking for 30 to 40 looks for an actor. The looks have to be in sync with the surroundings,” she says.

Practical and approachable
Stylist Rick Roy says, “Actresses across the board have figured that their looks have to be more relatable to the audience so there’s a shift towards casual and approachable as opposed to over-the-top glam. On a practical note, the scale of film promotions has increased and the stars have to change many times in a day.”

Stylist Radhika Mehra seconds that, “It’s very relatable for young girls who go through blog images etc. What’s new today is the fact that everything works for everyone and everything has a breath of fresh air and stylists are having fun with fashion.”

Pave way for comfort clothing
Stylist Sakshi Mehra says, “Actors are so used to dressing up all the time that they want comfortable clothing. Sometimes promotional events extend to a month-long period. There has been a shift towards comfortable dressing which is aspirational at the same time relatable and not out of reach. Actors I’ve worked with, love dressing casually and it’s a great space to be in. You can’t wear a red carpet dress for a press con. In general, there’s been a shift towards easy going chic which is not body-con.”

Youthful appeal
Stylist Aastha Sharma feels that it’s a refreshing trend to see actresses wearing normal, regular and comfortable clothes. “Earlier, actors would be overdressed for a small film screening. They appeal to the 15-30 age group of girls. Also, earlier there weren’t too many high-street options available in India. Today brands like H&M and Topshop are available. For example, a ZARA outfit works well for a mall visit,” she shares.

Gen Next is about anti-fit
Designer Pranav Misra of Huemn says, “Celebs are being guided by stylists, who have a grown-up approach to style. The new generation of actresses is taking responsibility of the new design force. The new generation is about cool, relaxed and anti-fit. And the moment things reach the streets, you know your job is done.”