LG Najeeb Jung threatening our officials, asking to paralyse Delhi government: AAP

Delhi(PTI): Moving ahead on its war with the Centre, the AAP government on Friday alleged that Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung had summoned several senior officers placed with them, threatening them of dire consequences if they don’t obstruct the functioning of Delhi’s elected government.


The issue was discussed in Friday’s cabinet meeting and a group of ministers (GoM) was constituted under deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia with home minister Satyendra Jain and transport minister Gopal Rai to look into such complaints and provide the ‘affected’ officials with the requisite support, including legal help at government cost.

A statement issued by the Delhi government stated that Jung had allegedly threatened the officials of police action and disciplinary proceedings by instituting bogus inquiries against them unless they deliberately paralyse the Delhi government’s functioning by making adverse and obstructionist notings against the government’s decisions. It further stated that such intimidating tactics have gone up since the last month.

Sources said such officials have told the Delhi government that the LG has been allegedly putting pressure on Delhi government officials, forcing them to act illegally by using the names of top Central government officials, and that their civil service careers would be destroyed, if they don’t comply with his orders.

“The GoM will, upon receiving a complaint for help from any officer would assess if it is a case of political victimization. The GoM can also take up a case suomoto. If it prima facie finds that it is a case of political victimisation on accord of a bonafide decision/action taken by that officer, then the GOM shall be authorized to take all steps required to protect that officer including providing legal support at government’s cost,” a statement from the Delhi government read.

Deliberate transfer
The Kejriwal government also alleged that the LG had deliberately transferred VAT commissioner Vijay Kumar ahead of the crucial Diwali season. A statement issued by the LG house, however, clarified that the transfer was slated to take place. The LG house refused to comment on allegations levied on Jung of intimidating Delhi government officials.

” In view of the background of several episodes of poor treatment meted out by the elected Government to the Chief Secretary, the Principal Secretaries – Home, Power, GAD, Services, Commissioner (Transport), Principal Secretary (Law) and others, the Lt. Governor’s Secretariat does not wish to comment on this issue,” the statement read.